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Founded in 2016, Full Circle Farm is the vision of Peter and Mary Conway. The farm has been developed to support local agriculture on Johns Island in South Carolina. This historic farming community, close to Charleston, has been threatened by urban sprawl and intense development. However, if enough folks continue to farm the land, tapping into renewed interest in organic methods and local, sustainable practices, there is room for farming to continue as a healthy part of our local economy.

In 2015, Peter and Mary became aware that a portion of a historic Johns Island Farm was being offered for sale in one-acre lots. These were existing fields and pastures, could they be saved from becoming a subdivision? Fortunately, the owner proved to be supportive of the idea of keeping the land in production; thus, a twelve and one-half acre parcel became Full Circle Farm. In 2020 another ten acres were acquired from the same owner providing more fields and pasture.

Today Full Circle Farm is back in production. Livestock on the farm include pastures full of horses, goats, and a donkey. There is a chicken coop and barn cats. The pond contains a flock of up to 30 ducks. We sell goat kids, young ducks, and duck eggs. We lease four pastures to horse owners who are interested in self-care.

We also believe in collaboration. The farmers at Spade and Clover use several of our fields to raise vegetables, herbs, and flowers. These are sold through a CSA, or at a farmer’s market. One of our fields is maintained by Sweetgrass Garden, which donates all it produces to feeding programs in our area.

To contact us to see if we have any horse pastures available, or if you wish to buy ducks, eggs or kids, please click here


Full Circle Farm is a small, family-owned and operated farm located in the diverse region of Johns Island, SC, just outside of Charleston.

In addition to seasonal produce, Full Circle Farm raises a wide variety of animals including ducks, donkeys, goats, and more, creating some of the finest, farm-fresh animal products in the marketplace. Our entire team at Full Circle Farm is dedicated to maintaining the perfect growing environment for our animals and our products utilizing sustainable techniques and a minimal ecological footprint. The end result yields some of the happiest animals, the best quality products, and the tastiest produce in the Charleston community.


At Full Circle Farm, we believe that we are stewards of that which has been entrusted to us. To paraphrase the Bible, We plant and water, but God gives the increase. We apply the Golden Rule in the relationship with our livestock as well as our partners and customers. The love we pour into our work is the most important ingredient of all.

From our hand-raised ducks and goats to our fresh duck eggs and vegetables, we are dedicated to serving our customers and strengthening local small businesses, especially agriculture.

We seek ways to partner with other producers in the Charleston Area and have two formal partnerships with local farms: Spade and Clover and Sweetgrass Gardens.



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Spade and Clover Gardens 

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